HP & Intel | Commercial Spot featuring Tiësto Video editor, Sarah Drinkard, of Spring Street Creative and Fantail Entertainment teamed up to produce and edit several components of a complete integrated campaign between HP and Intel with the spotlight on world famous DJ, Tiesto. Believe Entertainment Group’s ten-episode video series, “In the Booth” was one aspect they worked together on. And the other was this commercial, showcasing the power of the new HP Folio 13.

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PCDWorks PCDWorks is a full-service technology development company specializing in breakthrough product innovation for a broad range of consumer, medical and engineering. With a team of brilliant engineers, chemists, and biologists, they solve problems that others cannot. However, because what they offer is so complex, they need a brand video that showcased their expertise and also helped further explain how what they do is so unique. This video is featured on their site and used for business development.
Active Water Science While wastewater may not seem glamorous, access to clean water is one of our world’s biggest challenges and something we at SSC are very passionate about. When Active Water Sciences (AWS) asked us to produce a video that helped explain how the Water Phoenix works, we dove in to produce something that best told who could benefit and how its technology works like no other system out there.