Do you need to tell your donors what you've been up to the past year?  Or perhaps you'd like to recruit new volunteers. Maybe you want to highlight this year's accomplishments or a special event. SSC Productions has worked with numerous non-profits telling their stories in a way that can reach the masses. We will work with you to understand the mission, get to know your donors, your staff, and your volunteers, and create a piece that focuses on all of the hard work you do.  Let us tell your story to those that need to hear it the most.

Los Angeles VA Mindfulness What is mindfulness? Why mindfulness for the VA? Two Los Angeles VA clinicians received a grant to create a video series to both answer these questions and to distribute the information to VA’s all around the country. This video series focuses on the practice of mindfulness and how it can help vets deal with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and addiction. SSC was brought on to co-produce and edit this series.
Backcountry Medical Guides Backcountry Medical Guides is a non-profit started in 2010 with a mission to create backcountry leaders in wilderness and remote medical care through student focused education and experience based training. Founder John Taussig and his team of doctors and paramedics have built an incredible backcountry-training program that now has courses all over the world. Every non-profit needs a chance to tell their story. SSC was approached by Taussig to produce, shoot, and edit BMG’s marketing video.
Own 2 Feet Own 2 Feet was born out of a love of wanting to help others that had lost a limb. Spring Street Creative was born out of a love of storytelling in order to make the world a better place. They combined forces to create a video that would demonstrate the importance of amputation prevention while also promoting diabetes awareness. The founders of Own 2 Feet traveled to Haiti, Fiji, and Nicaragua to discover the stories, the struggles, and the needs of the local people who had lost limbs. Together Own 2 Feet and Spring Street Creative created a video piece that is both heartbreaking, but also holds a sense of powerful optimism and awareness.

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UCLA Center For International Medicine – Ghanaian Midwives Training Video The UCLA Center for International Medicine, (CIM), is a non-profit organization based out of the UCLA School of Medicine dedicated to improving global health through education, training and technology. Spring Street Creative was overjoyed when Managing Director, Nicole Durden, approached SSC to come on board to help with an eLearning Resource Package on Family Planning for midwives in Ghana. Sarah, of SSC, was the production manager on the front end of the project, and was one of two editors on the back end. This was one of the more robust projects that SSC has taken on as the CIM computer-based training program created combined authentic patient care digital video, animations, interactive training exercises, 3-D imagery, and text synchronized with audio narration.